i don’t give a fuck

when will you guys wakes up and realize that. I will say what I want how I want on my blog. If you have a problem with that either scroll on past my text posts or unfollow. My blog is where I come to rant about my personal life that I can’t say on facebook, twitter, or even to my friends. That’s the whole point of tumblr. 

If you wanna send me hate have some BALLS to come off the anon and say it. Cause you tell me to “get classy” But yet you all hide behind a gray face cause you’re more insecure with yourselves that you take it out on others. WAKE UP, YOU WANT CHANGE ABOUT YOURSELF GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING. Not sit behind a computer screen trying to tear everyone else down about everything they ever post about. 

This is why tumblr has been a horrible place to be lately. 

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  1. evilcupcakeswillgetyou said: go you :)
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  3. callofsirens said: you tell them (:
  4. meghanmann said: I don’t know you, I just know that I follow you & you’re beautiful. keep your head up & don’t worry about what people have to say about you or your blog. this is tumblr & it’s made to say whatever the hell you need/want to say.
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